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Roses - how to grow and how to tie

  1. Tying and escaping

Climbing roses are different from other climbing plants. They are not capable of wrapping a support around the stems or attaching to it like antennae like grapes, therefore their shoots must be tied to a support. Climbing roses need to be formed from the very beginning, so that they immediately began to grow in the desired direction. Try to direct the shoots horizontally or horizontally and slightly downwards - with this arrangement of the main shoots, side stalks will appear on them, growing upwards.

Try to direct the shoots horizontally or horizontally and slightly downwards - with this arrangement of the main shoots, side stalks will appear on them, growing upwards

An excellent option to properly shape the growth of such a plant as a rose is a trellis. If you don’t start tying climbing shoots of a climbing rose, they will start climbing along the ground. Some of the designers decide to use roses as flowering ground cover plants, planting steep slopes with them.

Due to the correct pruning of plants, these roses can grow perfectly throughout the summer. At the base it is necessary to cut out all the sick and weak shoots. Shorten the weak side shoots of the rose. You also need to remove the top part of the shoot with faded flowers, cutting it over the third or second leaf facing outside.

Cliff-colored roses enter maturity approximately at the age of two to three years, at this very time there is an abundant flowering of plants. In the first year after planting, it is necessary to trim the damaged shoots, if the escape is not worth cutting it long. In the second year it is necessary to shorten the side shoots by two to four peepholes. You need to cut off all the dead and intersecting shoots. In the third year, you can spend rejuvenating pruning.

Tying and escaping

To do this, you will need: soft material for the garter, wicker rose, gloves and support (trellis). Dig a hole for planting at a distance of 50 cm from the installed trellis. The roots should be directed away from the trellis. All new shoots should be tied with a soft material to the trellis so that the plant can grow further.

When the shoots are quite long, take it carefully to the side and bend down a bit, after which you can tie it up. Flowers in the first year should be cut as soon as they bloom, but try to cut as few shoots and leaves as possible.

In stores for gardeners, you can find the necessary materials for the garter. True, its cost is usually quite high. Instead, you can also use soft lace or other suitable materials for this purpose. In no case should not tie the shoots of wire or other solid materials.

Some species of wild roses, like pletinous, can be grown on a trellis, however, such plants bloom only once a year. As well as climbing roses from the trellis can be raised upwards, and in order to grow better, it is recommended to cut them every year. So, without making much effort, you can get a beautiful design in your suburban area.

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