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How to dilute daphnia at home

Dilute daphnia at home is a snap Dilute daphnia at home is a snap. I draw your attention to the fact that this publication is about daphnia moin. This species of daphnia is considered the most prolific and unpretentious, and the relatively small size of these crustaceans, for example, compared to daphnia magna, allows them to be used as starter food for fry of many species of fish.

For breeding Daphnia at home need an aquarium. I breed Daphnia in two 50-liter aquariums, where in one of the aquariums I breed Daphnia for preparing the distribution of crustaceans for sale, and in the second as live food for fish.

This is quite enough for me to feed my fish 3-4 times a week, and I have about a hundred of them with live daphnia. And when I need to breed some kind of fish, I always have on hand a valuable starter daphnia food. It should be noted that it is the plankton: daphnia, ciliates and rotifers is the most suitable starting live food for swim fry.

Optimal conditions: dH 6-18 °, pH 7.2-8.0, t 20-24 ° C, weak aeration, light 14-16 hours per day. As you can see, the hydrochemical parameters are quite wide, but even if they change significantly, it does not mean that you will not multiply daphnia. Daphnias have the ability to adapt to some degree to new conditions of existence in which they feel and reproduce well.

I use daphnia lighting from a 40W fluorescent lamp. Rack with aquariums located in the hallway, where natural lighting is minimal. Light day for my Daphnia lasts about 16 hours. Specially light day I do not regulate and turn on the daphniam light when I get up to work, and turn it off when I go to bed. I turn on aeration only when a film appears on the surface of the water or in order to better mix the given yeast.

I feed daphnias once a day with dry baker's yeast, after having dissolved them separately in water, I bring daphnia into the aquarium until the water becomes slightly cloudy. If you give more food then not eaten part of the yeast will precipitate, which daphnids do not eat. The water temperature for breeding daphnia is suitable and room in the aisles of 23-25 ​​° degrees, but with increasing water temperature to 26-28 ° degrees, the reproduction rate of crustaceans will increase slightly.

Water Daphnia can be changed completely and partially in the aisles of half the volume or only the third part of the aquarium. I change the water Daphnia after a visual assessment of the condition of the crustaceans. In the old water with a high content of organic matter (I also call this water waste) reproduction of daphnids is slowed down, and the movement of the crustaceans becomes sluggish and this indicates that the time has come to change the water.

In the water suitable for breeding daphnids opposite the movement of the crustaceans is frisky, and they very quickly move around the entire aquarium. In such water daphnia actively feed and surprisingly quickly multiply.

If you do not want to buy daphnia wiring, and decided to look for these crustaceans on their own in natural waters to breed at home, you need to use some information. read more

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